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We’re Experts in the Systems that
Keep New York Running

For over 40 years, we’ve been caring for New York City’s boilers and compactors, providing expert  service to to New York buildings.

Our company has expanded into three divisions including Nu-way Compactor, Nu-way Boiler and now, Nu-way Environmental, which is a one-stop resource for certified regulatory testing and asbestos abatement. After decades of service, we’ve grown into the leading boiler servicing company in New York City, with staff that’s trained to recognize and repair problems. We deliver our services to large residential and commercial properties who trust us with their most vital building systems.

Our boiler division does it all, from high-powered vacuum cleaning, to welding, to fire tube replacement. Our compactor division is dedicated to offering the best in compactors and hopper doors, as well as full compaction systems. Browse our different models here. And our Environmental division is a one-stop resource for certified regulatory testing and asbestos abatement, and much more.

Today, as Nu-way Compactor, Nu-way Boiler and Nu-way Environmental, we continue to service buildings across the five boroughs, New York and New Jersey. The team at Nu-Way provides expert and courteous service, with a sales and installation team that makes safety and health a priority. 

Irwin Sandler – CEO
Michael Sandler – President



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The Nuway Scientific Offices
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