Why You Need
a Clean Boiler

Why clean your boiler?

You can’t afford an inefficient boiler

There are several major reasons why maintaining a clean boiler system is vital to the operation of a building.

  • Costs: Assuring the boiler continues to operate at peak efficiency translates into meaningful dollar savings. Factors like inflated fuel prices cost the building unnecessary expenditures when the boiler is operating inefficiently. With proper maintenance from the experts at Nu-Way Boiler you saves money.
  • Heat Transfer: To attain proper heat transfer, a boiler’s fire tubes must be free from soot and scale. Soot and scale collected on the inside of the tubes reduces the ability of the burner flame to heat the water on the outside of the tubes. Soot and scale build-up inside of the boiler may lead to other maintenance problems as well, due in part to the high sulfur content. This content creates sulfuric acid, which ultimately corrodes the boiler tubes and shell.
  • All Season Use: Many residential and commercial buildings continue to use their boilers throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons in order to provide hot water to the occupants. Boilers continue to throw off a residue of soot and scale into the fire tubes and reflecting plates. These boilers should receive periodic supplementary cleanings throughout the year in order to maintain peak efficiency. Boilers burning firm gas should perform a major cleaning at least once or twice per season.


Nu-Way Boiler will perform major and supplementary cleanings of your boiler using our high-powered, truck mounted vacuum systems.  A Nu-way technician will wire brush all of the fire tubes and vacuum clean the entire boiler breeching, chamber and base.  


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