Health & Safety

Boiler maintenance is critical to your building’s health.

Let experts handle the job.

When a boiler is looked after properly it will function more efficiently and save you considerable money. Well-maintained boilers function more efficiently and safeguard residents and workers from some very real and potential hazards.

Proper maintenance is critical for:

  • System Efficiency:  Avoid safety problems, shut-downs and save money
  • Avoiding system failure: Avoid emergency repairs during the coldest months of the year.
  • High Pressure safety: Insulation deposits can lead to explosions.

“Scale” and corrosion are two of the most common problems with unmaintained boilers. Regular cleanings, by trained professionals, will address these insulating deposit problems before they get out of hand. Avoid energy costs skyrocketing because you ignored the importance of a proper boiler cleaning.

A fraction of an inch of soot collected on the boiler tubes can lower efficiency by over 2.5%. That can translate to thousands of dollars of wasted energy costs. Boiler explosions used to be a common occurrence before people learned how to properly clean the systems. Today, we know that when we remove solid deposits from the tubes we’re taking effective precautions against potential catastrophic boiler events and rendering heat efficiency at its peak performance.  

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