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Your boiler system is at the heart of your building; keeping  it maintained is essential.

Nu-Way Boiler, a division of Nu-Way Scientific, specializes in the expert cleaning, repair and maintenance of boiler systems in large commercial and residential properties.

Cleaning Services

Major cleaning: (Annually) Performed in the summer months when the boiler is cold, this service is essential to the health of your boiler system. It includes a thorough wire brushing of the boiler tubes, a complete cleaning of the tube sheet, chamber, breeching, and chimney base, as well as the front and back of the boiler.

Supplementary cleaning: (Monthly) This maintenance cleaning will keep a boiler at its peak level and help to ensure a long running life for the system. 
This cleaning can be performed when the boiler is hot (October to May), thereby requiring no interruption of hot water or heat to residents.  It includes a thorough, truck-mounted vacuum cleaning of all boiler tubes and tube sheets. 

Repair and Maintenance:

Our courteous and expert technicians are available by appointment or on an emergency basis to perform all certified welding repairs including tube replacements, coils, mud legs, firebrick chambers. We perform maintenance checks of gasketing, millboard and refractory work. If your system is experiencing a problem, Nu-Way Boiler is the first place to call for expert help.

Benefits to a well-maintained boiler; it’s more than just good for your health…

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